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If you’ve been following us on this journey, then you should know that this is last blog post in a four-part series of blog posts on Real Estate Agent Personality Types. The first three blog posts covered the Teacher, the Doer and the Stayer, respectively, with this post on the Networker closing out the series. Selecting an agent with a personality type that suits your circumstances and your own personality type is important to the sale of your home, which is why we put this series together to help you identify the different types of agents when you’re out meeting with them.

The ‘networker’ agent is driven by the desire to get to know as many people, whether they’re homeowners or local business owners, in their community with whom they can exchange ideas and knowledge about real estate, business, and the community in general. A real estate agent with the networker personality type is likely to be very active in their local community, and willing to participating in any number of activities or initiatives, whether they relate to real estate or not.

The Networker is Social

It’s not uncommon to regularly see a ‘networker’ agent at their local coffee shop, talking with residents and local business owners about any number of subjects that affect them and the community at large. Many ‘networker’ agents are members of your local chamber of commerce or networking groups, which aim to grow their own businesses by helping others grow their in the process. They firmly believe that trust is the most important aspect of a successful business, and that if you build trust with the people in your community, your business will boom as a result.

The Networker will Teach, Do, Stay

Because ‘networker’ agents prioritise building trust in their community and with their clients above all else, they often possess traits similar to the real estate agent personality types of the Teacher, Doer, and Stayer. ‘Networker’ agents are happy to share their knowledge of the real estate market with members of the community, just as they will happily take an active role in preparing a vendor’s home for sale by organising stylists and tradespeople from within their network of professional contacts. Agents who possess the Networker personality type are also, to a large extent, ‘stayers’ because of the value they place on building trust, which doesn’t come quickly or easily.

The Networker is a Good Agent to Help Define Your Property Goals

For homeowners who don’t have clear and specific goals for selling their property, the Networker is a good agent to work with. They’re often willing to spend time explaining the directions you could take for the sale of your property in a very informal setting and, over time, help you to set some goals for your property. You may even find that, rather than selling your home, a ‘networker’ agent may suggest other options to you, such as renting your home out or using the equity to invest in other property. ‘Networker’ agents are good all rounder agents.

And so this concludes our series on Real Estate Agent Personality Types, which we hope has given you a better idea of the type of agent you’d like to represent you in the sale of your home. If you’d would still like to learn more about the real estate sales process, you can subscribe to receive access to our free educational guide, called Selling Your Property: What You Really Need to Know. Alternatively, for more real estate news, analysis and insights, continue reading our blog.

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