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This site features information from experienced real estate agents as well as opinions and experiences of mortgage brokers, solicitors and conveyancers, builders and others in the real estate and construction industry. Our focus is to provide educational and information to help you in the process of selling your property and the site sponsors like to support their clients in the same way.

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What does a real estate agent do?

Real estate agents act on behalf of buyers and sellers (vendors) in the state where they are licenced. Their licence requires them to have undergone training about the laws that govern buying and selling of property in that state as in the form of at least a Cert IV in Property.

The geographical area that an agent works in is their area of expertise. They know trends within the local property market as well as what competitive prices are for the various properties their clients want to buy or sell.

A real estate agent acts between two parties seeking to buy or sell a property and have the skill and expertise to either market the property and sell for the best price and conditions possible.

Negotiation is a key part of the real estate agent’s work, because they negotiate on their client’s behalf and real estate agents normally charge a percentage of the final sale price as their fee.

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What does a real estate agents work day look like

A typical sales agent spends their time between two main tasks:

  • Promoting themselves and finding new vendors who are looking to sell, and
  • Marketing, opening and selling properties that they have (they call it stock)

As a result of this they are always listening out for opportunities and speaking with sellers AND buyers because everyone will one day well their property.

Early Morning


  • Paperwork and planning for the day
  • Replying to emails from the late afternoon or over night
  • Refining the marketing message for their own promotion



  • Calling new open home visitors
  • Followup with existing interested buyers
  • Maintaining a competitive bidding process with buyers who’ve made an offer
  • Reporting to their sellers (vendors)



  • Mid week opens and inspections
  • Meetings with vendors and property appraisals
  • Manage promotional activities
  • Organise marketing activities for properties for sale



  • Open homes and inspections


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