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Derek has been selling property in Sydney’s competitive Lower North Shore area for over 7 years. He shares some honest information about the steps that sellers (vendors) can take to reach their goals in our in-depth interviews.

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Welcome to Selling Your Property!

tips for selling your propertySelling Your Property has been created to be of real, practical assistance to Australians interested in buying and selling property — and there are a lot of us, with almost half a million homes going under the hammer last year alone. There is a truckload of information vendors must absorb from many different sources along the way, and our aim is to help prepare you for the journey and to thoroughly understand each step of this important, and often confusing, process.

Whether selling a property yourself or choosing a real estate sales agent to do it for you, our website will provide you with a repository of information to help you deal with each participant confidently. These participants include:

  1. Conveyancer or lawyer
  2. The bank or lender
  3. Real estate agent
  4. Real estate marketing sites and services
  5. Valuers
  6. Local council
  7. The Office of State Revenue (OSR)
  8. Potential buyers
  9. Serious buyers
  10. Auctioneers

You’ll also use tradespeople, house cleaners and, for higher priced properties, you may even work with a house presentation specialist. Our aim is to help you to know how and when to work with all these professionals.


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