Candid video Interviews with real estate agents

What You Really Need to Know about Selling Your Property

Derek Farmer real estate agent smiling portrait in selling your property educational training videoWe’ve interviewed experienced real estate agents like Derek Farmer to help property owners learn about the steps involved in selling their property. It’s designed to demystify the process of selling a property and help people prepare themselves with a knowledge of their current market and selling features.

What’s Covered: 

The video goes through the process of planning the sale of their property including, determining the steps (buy or sell first), organising a contract for sale and 149 certificates, determining the value of their property objectively and researching the market, to finding a prospective real estate agent, and preparing your home for sale time.

Getting The Right Agent

Derek covers some of the tactics that real estate agents use to get vendors (sellers) to choose them so you can get through any smoke and mirrors when you interview them to act on your behalf if you choose to use a real estate agent. Things like over estimating the property value and under quoting the sales and marketing costs are just some of these tactics.

Marketing Your Property

We also cover the often overwhelming aspect of marketing your property and finding the right marketing mix, so that vendors can better work together with their agents (if they choose to sell using an agent) in selling their property.

Financial and Legal Matters

We present the legal and financial aspects of selling a property, including explaining an Agency Agreement and Contract of Sale, as well as the financial implications of buying before selling, and upgrading or downsizing. You’ll also learn about the stages:

  • Offer and Acceptance
  • Deposit and Exchange
  • Cooling off periods
  • Settlement

Adding Value to Your Home

There is information on what you can do to improve the value of your home quickly and cheaply as well as ways of finding good trades people if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Hiring a Real Estate Sales Agent

A good real estate agent can do more than just help you sell your property. Many agents are valuable sources of information on all aspects of the local area as well as having wide contacts in various trades, and an understanding of your market that will help you sell faster, and for a higher price. We’ll share with you what to look for in an agent and how to choose the best agent for you.

Understanding the Property Market

We’ve shared insights from real estate agents and property writers about how to estimate the value of your property as well as understand whether now is a good time to sell and we’ve included these insights.

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