Stayers Work Hard at Building Vendor Relationships

real-estate-agent-personality-types-the-stayerWe’ve been writing about the different Real Estate Agent Personality Types as part of our series of the same name to help homeowners find a real estate agent whose personality type is best suited to their needs as a vendor and homeowner. We’ve now reached part three of the series, and the Stayer personality type — the Teacher and the Doer have previously been covered in parts one and two of this series respectively — which are agents who are as equally focussed on their long term goals as they are their short term goals.

As real estate agents, Stayers will be more receptive to speaking with homeowners who are intending to sell their homes in 12 or 18 months time — possibly more — than, say, a ‘doer’ or ‘teacher’ real estate agent would be. Having said that, it is not uncommon to find ‘stayer’ agents who also posses many of the same qualities that ‘teacher’ agents do, and vice versa.

The Stayer is in it for the Long Haul

Where some agents only focus on finding homeowners who are ready to sell now, the Stayer will often make contact with homeowners who have expressed a desire to sell sometime in the near future (when the kids start school, when they move out, etc), and stay in touch with them, even if that relationship spans years before the owner is ready to put their home on the market. And even once a ‘stayer’ agent has sold a property for you, they will remain in touch, should you ever need to sell (or buy) property again in the future. The Stayer will also typically make contact with homeowners to whom they’ve sold property before, further nurturing that relationship, too.

The Stayer is Often a Teacher, Too

As it was said earlier on in this post, ‘stayer’ agents often bear the same personality traits of ‘teacher’ agents, as part of what they do to nurture relationships with homeowners and potential vendors, is provide them with information about how the market is performing at regular — yet not too often — intervals. This information isn’t just their recent sales or clearance rates, but rather information that’s been specifically tailored to the homeowner and their situation, based on what the agent has gleaned from their previous conversations.  

The stayer is the agent for passive sellers

Homeowners who are only passively in the market — that is, they’re thinking of selling sometime in the future, just not now — but who would like information about the direction the market is going in, how their property might fare in the future, the improvements they could make to increase its value, and, even, to have the agent contact them when they have a buyer looking for a property similar to theirs. The Stayer is also an agent suited to individuals who are looking to invest in the property market in the near future, should the right property at the right price become available.

We’ve almost reached the conclusion of our Real Estate Agent Personality Types series, with our final post on the Networker personality type due to be published soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the real estate sales process, you can subscribe to receive access to our free educational guide, called Selling Your Property: What You Really Need to Know. Alternatively, for more real estate news, analysis and insights, continue reading our blog.

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