teacher-real-estate-agent-personality-typesReal Estate Agents are as Individual as You Are

Just as every property is different, every real estate agent is different, too. The way they operate, interact with their clients — and buyers too — differs agent-to-agent, and it’s your job to determine which type of agent is best suited to selling your property. So it’s important that, when you go into a meeting with one or a couple of agents, you’re aware of the different real estate agent personality types you may come across, so you can select an agent with whom you’ll have a good rapport and who’ll also do an exceptional job in selling your home.

We’ve put together a four part series on the different personality types of different real estate agents, and how each will benefit different vendors. This is the first part in our Real Estate Agent Personality Types series, and we’re going to kick it off by looking at the Teacher personality type.

For the Teacher, Education is Paramount

Real estate agents who possess this personality type will want the homeowner to understand and feel comfortable with every aspect of the sales process. These agents are very efficient at what they do, but unlike the Doer, another personality type common among real estate agents, the Teacher wants to work with the vendor, to achieve the best result for their property. Although all agents have a duty, to some extent, to explain the sales process to their vendors, the Teacher takes this obligation one step further, by spending time explaining all aspects of real estate and the sales process, to ensure that homeowners and buyers alike have all the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

The Teacher will Prioritise Education on their Website

The teacher personality type is easily identified in real estate agents who make it a priority to include lots of information on their websites about the real estate industry, for both buyers and sellers. These agents will usually maintain a blog that covers a wide array of topics, not just their recent sales history. Some agents, like Derek Farmer, a real estate agent for McGrath on Sydney’s lower north shore, take it a step further, creating their own educational videos that they make freely available on their website.

The Teacher is a Good Agent for Inexperienced Vendors

Although ‘teacher’ real estate agents are able to work harmoniously with vendors who have a lot of experience buying and selling real estate, they especially excel at achieving the best results — with the least stress — for vendors who haven’t sold property before or who have only very limited experience in doing so. Because of their willingness to spend the time educating their clients about the sales process, the different options available to them, and listening to the concerns and questions of their vendors, real estate agents who fit the Teacher personality type are often a better suit for vendors who want to play an active role in the sale of their property.

Vendors who want to take a step back from the sales process, and leave the sale of their property in the hands of their sales agent may find that a better match would be an agent with the Doer personality type, which happens to be the focus of the second part of our Real Estate Agent Personality Types series, so stay tuned for that blog post, which will be published shortly.

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