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real-estate-agent-personality-types-the-doerIf you’ve been following this blog, you may recall that we recently published the first part of a four part series on the personality types of real estate agents, which focussed on ‘teacher’ real estate agents. In that post, we mentioned that, while ‘teacher’ real estate agents are well suited to vendors who wish to take an active part in the sale of their property, they might not be well suited to vendors who’d rather take a step back from the sales process.

These vendors, the ones who’d rather not play an active role in selling their property, may find that a ‘doer’ real estate agent will excel at selling their property because while, as is their legal responsibility, they’ll communicate all the necessary information to their client about the sale of their property, but they’ll be less likely to spend as much time with their clients explaining the ins and outs of the real estate sales process, like a ‘teacher’ agent would.

The Doer is More Hands On

Does your home need some repairs to be carried out before it can be photographed and put on the market? Other personality types, like the Teacher, would prefer to spend the time pointing out which areas of your home require improvement, and how those improvements will add value to your home, or conversely how they may not necessarily add value but will, instead, make your home easier to sell, which in it’s own way is a value add — we know how homes that languish on the market longer than others end up costing the vendor more money in the long run, even if they achieve the desired sale price. The Doer, however, would rather spend their time getting the work done, rather than explaining why it should be done.

The Doer is an Organiser

The Doer will point out the areas of your home that need improvement and then, with your consent, arrange to have the necessary repairs and maintenance taken care of for you, by utilising professionals within their own network. The benefit here, to both the vendor and agent, is simple: the work is completed quickly, the property gets on the market faster, and achieves the desired result as quickly as possible.

The Doer is a Good Agent for Busy or Out-of-Area Vendors

Plenty of first-time vendors work with ‘doer’ agents, and enjoy much success as a result, but they’re usually the kind of first-timers who would rather take a step back from the action and observe it taking place their first time round, before having a more hands-on role in the future. But the Doer is also a great agent to work with if you’re too busy or not able to be actively involved in the sales process. For an out-of-town vendor selling their investment property, an agent with the Doer personality type will take care of all the necessary arrangements to get their home prepared for sale, on the market, and, ultimately, sold for the best price, while ensuring the vendor is kept up-to-date with regular emails or phone calls.

However, for homeowners who aren’t sure whether they’re ready to sell yet or who may be contemplating selling sometime in the future, they may find that neither the Teacher nor the Doer are particularly suited to their needs. In this case, homeowners should be looking for the Stayer personality type — the focus of our next blog — as they’re as focussed on their short term goals as their long term ones, and are therefore more receptive to speaking with homeowners who mightn’t be ready to sell for another 12, 18 months.

Stay tuned for the next part of our series on Real Estate Agent Personality Types, which will be published soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about the real estate sales process, you can subscribe to receive access to our free educational guide, called Selling Your Property: What You Really Need to Know. Alternatively, for more real estate news, analysis and insights, continue reading our blog.  

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