Autumn is Often a Favourite Season for Selling

Autumn lower north shore sydneyThere’s a long held assumption that spring is the most suitable time to sell property. While it’s true that the spring selling season is one of real estate’s most busiest, it’s far from the only time you can sell your home. Besides, why limit yourself to selling based on when everyone says you should? There are many parts of NSW — think pockets of Sydney, the Southern Highlands and the Hunter region, to name a few, with a climate that makes it easy to sell property almost all year round — even in winter.

For many, autumn is one of the preferable seasons to sell property. It’s a time of the year when most of the heat and humidity has drained from the summer days, and everyone has settled in for the year ahead — they’re not preoccupied with Christmas and all they have to do in preparation for it. It’s also a time when many streets start showing off their autumn hues, rendering gardens and streetscapes quite magnificent. Surely these alone are some of the perfect conditions for selling property.

Preparing for an Autumn Property Sales Campaign

Whenever you put your home on the market, there are things to do so your home presents at its best. Just as spring follows winter (which means you’re often facing fix-ups to do with the wet; like damp spots, clogged gutters and so forth), the autumn selling season tends to keep you busy tending to things damaged by the sun.

Here are a few things to take care of when selling in autumn:

  • Pressure clean paths and driveways to remove dirt and grime that’s built up over time.
  • Prune all bushes and shrubs — they have a tendency to grow rampantly during summer.
  • Give faded fences and gates a fresh coat of paint.
  • Clean and oil the surface of wooden decking to restore it.
  • Make sure your lawns are mowed and looking lush — that means no patches of dead grass!

These are all things you’d have probably needed to take care of anyway, but they tend to appear more pronounced in autumn, as it’s a transitional season that leads to the harsher weather of winter. People will be inspecting your home to see how well it’s likely to fare over the winter season.

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