Using 3D technology to help buyers imagine themselves in your home

Earlier this year, the Selling Your Property team went to the CeBIT exhibition at Sydney’s Olympic Park. CeBIT is one of the largest technology trade fairs in the world, attended by big-name technology companies from all over the world. And this year, the technology that had people the most excited was not Tesla’s self-driving hire cars; nor was it the latest in robotic technology. What really got people talking was virtual reality, specifically 3D property scanning, which is now being used by property developers such as Mirvac and Stockland to show buyers what their completed developments will look like. And in the next 12 months, it looks set to take over residential property sales in a big way.

Campaign Track, Australia’s leading real estate marketing company, announced earlier this year that they would be launching their 3D property scanning service. If you recall from a previous blog post about newspaper advertising, Campaign Track is used by the majority of Australia’s real estate franchise groups, such as McGrath, Ray White, LJ Hooker, Belle Property, Raine & Horne, and many of the larger independents, too, like BresicWhitney, Di Jones, Cunninghams Property, Stone, Keith Soames, Harcourts, and so forth.

Bring your home to life with 3D

Campaign Track already do floorplans for agents, and if your real estate agent uses Campaign Track — which there’s a pretty strong possibility that they do — you might be able to have your home digitally scanned for a 3D floorplan, rather than the standard 2D ones. Campaign Track is using Matterport’s 3D scanning technology, another leader in the property marketing space here and in the US.

With 3D floorplans, buyers now can walk through your property virtually, bringing your home to life in a way that photography, videos and traditional 2D floorplans can’t. It helps build the connection between your home and potential buyers, before they’ve been to the inspection, and keeps that connection alive long after the physical inspection.

Develop an emotional connection with buyers

Accessible at anytime during your property’s sales campaign, 3D floorplans allow buyers to revisit your home multiple times over — and all from the comfort of the buyer’s own home. Buyers can mentally move their furniture in, by taking the virtual tour over again with their friends and family, further establishing that emotional connection with your property. 3D floorplans also have the potential to help sell your home faster, as buyers won’t have to wait until the next inspection for another viewing, before making an offer.

However, Campaign Track isn’t the only real estate marketing agency introducing 3D floorplans to the Australian marketplace. PlatinumHD, a team of videographers who specialise in the real estate industry, use Matterport’s 3D scanning technology to create 3D floorplans for their clients. In addition, they utilise a range of other new and emerging technologies, including drones for aerial photography, to capture a home’s best features and further develop that emotional connection between buyers and your property, and ultimately help it sell for the best price.

At some point, 3D floorplans will become the industry standard, but for now, while it’s still new technology, why not give your home a leg up on the competition by incorporating a 3D floorplan into your marketing strategy? Speak to your agent, of course, about whether it’s suitable for your home and/or visit the Matterport website to experience 3D property scanning in all its glory.

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