How Much is My Home Worth

Property Values

You can succeed in getting the highest price possible for your property with the right strategy and teamThanks to the Internet and very large databases like, Domain and RPData pricing information is very easily accessed and as a result available for anyone to estimate the value of your property.

Valuations are determined by finding recent sales in your area for properties with similar features. You can start to do your own research just by searching for the sold properties in your area for the last 3-6 months or so.

If you want to go one step further the large real estate sites mentioned above offer a valuation service in conjunction with a participating real estate agent (who will essentially do the research for you). You can then either go to a registered valuer or ask the bank to revalue your property, knowing that a bank valuation is often the best “conservative” guide on value.

How are you going to get a higher price?

The real question that most property owners want to know is:

how can I get the highest price possible for my property.

That question is best answered by sales professionals who understand the mechanics of a property sale and the property market and how to bring all the rights components together. We’ve worked with some leading real estate agents to compile information guides that will help you achieve the highest price possible for the sale of your property.


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